Cactus canarias

Easy to care

Plant information

Everyone knows the drill: cacti are super strong plants used to the desert heat and surviving without water for long periods of time. Make sure you only water your plant when the soil is completely dried out. In theory, a houseplant cactus only needs to be watered once every two weeks. In the winter, once a month is more than enough.
Cactus plants love their sunshine, and they’ll want a warm, sunny spot in your home. If moving from a bright spot to direct sunlight for the first time, make sure you give your plant time to get used to the increase in sunshine. A sudden change might cause the plant to shrivel. Your cactus will want to take it easy during the winter time, and won’t need as much sun.
Repotting a cactus isn’t necessary, unless your cactus outgrows its pot. Make sure you’re wearing gloves when repotting, and wrap your cactus in newspaper to avoid getting stung by its spines.

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