Bromelia vriesea 'splendens'

Easy to care

Plant information

The vriesea doesn't need much water. As long as the soil is slightly moist, your plant will be happy. During the summer, the plant requires a bit more water, which it stores in the flower. Pour some water in the flower cup every now and then, and make sure that the flower always holds a bit of water.
A sunny spot with no direct sunlight is perfect for your Vriesea. Too much sunlight will cause the edges of the leaves and flower to turn brown, which would be a shame!
You don’t have to repot your vriesea. The plant flowers only once. But the flowering period does last three to six months, so you’ll have enough time to enjoy this colourful housemate. Although repotting is not necessary, you can make cuttings from the vriesea. After flowering, shoots will emerge from the base of the plant. Let the shoots grow until they're about half as tall as the mother plant. Then you can carefully detach them, including the roots, and move them to a flower pot with nutrient-rich potting soil.

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