Painted-leaf Begonia

Begonia rex

Painted-leaf Begonia
Easy to care

Plant information

Give the Painted-leaf Begonia a cool spot and plenty of water, without letting the bottom get too wet; this way you'll avoid the risk of root rot. No matter how well you care for the plant, the Begonia rex doesn't live very long. After having enjoyed it for three months to one year, the plant loses its strength and colour.*Almost every house plant loves being sprayed regularly, but the Begonia does not. This is because the Begonia has hairy leaves. The general rule to remember is that plants with hairy leaves don't like being sprayed.
A bright environment is pleasing to the Begonia rex, and to you as well. You'll be repeatedly treated to a new colour sensation by the action of the sun's rays on the plant. The painted-leaf Begonia copes well with direct sunlight as long as the humidity is not too high.
Is the Painted-leaf Begonia past its prime? Then cut the leaves off the plant in small pieces and press these flat onto the soil you've prepared for the cuttings. If the temperature is pleasant enough, new plants will emerge from the leaves. The Begonia rex can grow sizable leaves, so use a large pot.

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