Polka Dot Begonia

Begonia maculate

Polka Dot Begonia
Easy to care

Plant information

Begonias love moist soil but don't like their roots to be overly wet. Water the plant and give it some plant food now and then and you'll be rewarded with a beautiful plant. If the Polka-Dot Begonia receives too much water, the edges of the leaves will turn yellow and brown and the leaves may drop off.
The Polka Dot Begonia loves light and loves to stay at room temperature. Choose a sunny spot in the living room, where thisBegonia can really stand out and claim all of the attention.
Repotting is best done immediately after purchase or in the spring. The plant is in full growth in the spring and damaged roots can recover faster at that time. When repotting, transfer to an ornamental pot that is at least 15% larger than the original pot.

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