Flamingo plant

Anthurium scherzerianum

Flamingo plant
Easy to care

Plant information

The Flamingo plant requires little care. Keep the root ball moist, especially in the summer. During the winter, the plant requires less water. Prevent the soil from drying out completely since the Anthurium is used to wet feet. Regular spraying boosts the health of the plant.
A bright location, away from direct sunlight. These are the conditions which the Flamingo plant enjoys. Too much sunlight leads to brown edges or a yellow hue on the flowers and leaves. Is the Anthurium receiving too little sunlight? In that case the flowers will come out green.
Repot the Anthurium once every two years or once the pot has become too small. Do this preferably in the spring in order that damaged roots may quickly recover. You can also repot the plant immediately after purchase.

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