Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera
Easy to care

Plant information

The Aloe Vera requires water only two or three times per month. In the period from April to October you need only give the plant enough water to prevent dehydration of the root ball. During the autumn, the plant requires even less water.
The Aloe Vera is at home wherever you put it. The only condition is that the plant has to be illuminated by natural light. Direct sunlight is also no problem. After purchase, make sure that you allow the Aloe Vera to grow accustomed to partial shade before putting it in direct sunlight.
Repotting the Aloe Vera is best done in  the spring. Of course you can also do this immediately after purchase. Use a pot that is a good deal larger than the original one. By making cuttings from the offshoots, you can even propagate the Aloe Vera.

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