Elephant's Ear

Alocasia zebrina

Elephant's Ear

Plant information

In order to keep the Elephant's Ear happy and healthy, it is sensible to ensure that the soil is lightly moist. Check if the soil is moist and if necessary give the plant a dash of water, somewhat less in the winter than in the summer. Spray the Alocasia Zebrina several times a week to lower the risk of spider mite.
If Alocasia Zebrina doesn't receive enough light, its leaves will hang down. So make sure you have a place in the sun for this houseplant. An Elephant's Ear needs at least 5 hours of sunlight per day. The leaves grow towards the light, so regularly give the plant  a quarter turn.*Every now and then Alocasia exudes moisture, which drips to the floor. It is not harmful for the plant, but choose the right surface for it so that you can easily remove the drops.
Repot the plant every two or three years, preferably in the spring. Has Alocasia Zebrina outgrown its pot? Give the plant more elbow room and choose a larger home for it. The new nutrients, rich soil, and more space for root growth will allow your Elephant's Ear to dazzle for years.

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