Discover the beauty of coffee waste​

Discover the beauty of coffee waste

elho coffee collection made with coffee ground waste​

Meet the coffee collection, a dark (espresso) coloured flower pot made with… coffee waste! 

Billions cups of coffee are consumed each year. However, only a small part of the coffee bean ends up in your cup of coffee. The rest of the coffee grounds ends up in general waste systems where most of it is burnt and is causing harmful CO2 emissions.   

We at elho love to use waste streams and transfer it into beautiful designer pots. Together with Coffee Based, who collects coffee waste from companies, we can give it a new purpose and show you the beauty of coffee waste.

Each pot of our beautiful coffee collection contains at least 3 cups of coffee waste, and the origin of the coffee is not only visible in the colour and look & feel, but you can also smell it.  The pot is available in 4 sizes (14, 16, 18 and 22 cm).

Each pot is made of 100% recycled  materials and 100% recyclable.  

the coffee collection

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