allure doppio square terrace 80

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  • Made with love for nature

  • For indoor and outdoor use.

  • UV-resistant so it's colourfast.

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  • Made with love for nature

  • For indoor and outdoor use.

  • UV-resistant so it's colourfast.

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Because of its classic shape, the doppio flowerpot is a true eye-catcher in every garden. The pot has a natural land soft appearance due to the combination of plastics and wood fibre. This also means that it has all the advantages of a plastic pot. It is very easy to move, doesn’t break when you accidentally knock it over or drop it and is frost resistant up to -40°C. Place small or medium-size plants in the pot and enjoy the green either indoor or outside. The flowerpot can endure the full sun without losing any of its colour. This beautiful pot can be enjoyed for many years, either inside or outside your house, and can be combined with other pot-sizes from the allure doppio collection. If you would like to use this planter outside, don’t forget to open the predrilled holes in the bottom. This allows the superfluous water to drain so the plants will not rot.
Technical specification
W 78.3 x H 35.3 x D 39.3 cm
68 l
3124 g
mineral clay
low density poly-etylene
Suitable for
indoor, outdoor
Product Warranty
10 years
Watering System
Drainage System
Elevated Bottom
Optional Drill Holes
Container proof
allure Collection
Classic, elegant and natural. These elements belong to the elho allure collection. With over 50 years of experience, passion and based on today’s nature the elho allure collection is developed. All allure products are handcrafted and designed with an unique blend of synthetics and wood fiber. Typical for the allure collection is its characteristic and distinct look. Allure is a breathtaking collection with character that will fit your style perfectly.

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Ease of elho; all benefits

Plastic is very strong and therefore resillient. The pot won't break if you drop it or knock it over.