Flowerpots with water reservoir

Nothing is as easy as a flower pot with a water reservoir. You won't have to worry about giving your plant too much or too little water: it's solved with the reservoir. Find the right flower pot with water reservoir at elho and give room to nature!


Want to buy a flowerpot with water reservoir?

Are you looking for a flowerpot that helps you take care of your plants? Then we have the ideal flowerpot for you. Our flowerpots with a water reservoir have storage for excess water, so your plant won't drown. The plant's roots can absorb the stored water again as soon as they need it. Ideal if you're away from home often, or don't have a green thumb. Enjoy beautiful plants in your home or garden, carefree! Our flowerpots with water reservoir are produced with nature in mind, just like the other flowerpots in our assortment. Surround yourself with nature and go green!

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