green basics rainbarrel diverter living black

  • Made of 100% recycled plastic, made with wind energy, 100% recyclable
  • Easily connect your rain barrel and drainpipe with the green basics rain barrel filler.
  • Suitable for the green basics rain barrel plus 110L and 200L.
Full description
Packaging materials

Color: living black

Size: W 15 x H 0 x D 21 cm

Product information

Full description

Are you conscientious about water? The new collection green basics rainbarrel plus makes it easy to collect rainwater for reuse.
We also have the ideal accessory for connecting the elho rainbarrel plus to a drainpipe: the green basics rainbarrel diverter. Made from 100% recycled material and produced using wind energy. The plastic rainbarrel is also 100% recyclable.

A big advantage of the green basics rainbarrel diverter is that it can also be used with other brands of water barrel.

Simple to install
The diverter can be used with drainpipes with a diameter of 70, 80, or 100 mm. It can also be used with square 68 x 68 mm drainpipes. Fit this automatic rain barrel filler to the drainpipe and connect the hose to the barrel. And then... wait for the rain!

Prevents waterlogged roots
The green basics rainbarrel diverter automatically fills your barrel when it rains. When the barrel is full, the excess water flows back into the drainpipe via the diverter and is drained away. Please note: in the event of extreme rain, the diverter may not be able to handle the large amount of rain and may overflow. However, this has no consequences for the normal operation of the and the rain barrel.

Technical specification

Measurements W 15 x H 0 x D 21 cm
Volume 350 l
Weight 352.2 gram
Color black
Shape various
Material Plastic
Product type accessory
Product usage grow your own
Waranty 2 years
Wheels No
Water reservoir No
Drainage system No
Lowered bottom No
Drill holes No
Optinal drill holes No
Container proof No
EAN 8711904522896

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Packaging materials

Because we respect nature, we recycle our packaging materials as much as possible. You can show respect for nature too by separating packaging according to your local authority's guidelines. Below you will find the packaging materials of the product packaging (not the transport packaging).

paper & cardboard Carton card (PAP21)
plastic Plastic bag (LDPE04)