the ocean collection round 16cm pacific green

  • Made of 100% recycled plastic, made with wind energy, 100% recyclable
  • Different colour variations, so each product is unique!
  • Made with marine waste (fishing nets, ropes, and dragnets).
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Packaging materials

Color: pacific green

Product information

Full description

The Ocean Collection' flower pots are made from marine waste and plastic from the oceans, such as fishing nets, ropes, and dragnets. A large part of ocean plastic is made from this waste, and by using it in our pots, we prevent it from ending up in the oceans. The origin of the discarded ropes and fishing nets is reflected in the blue and green marble accents in the pots of 'The Ocean Collection'. This is how we at elho ensure that we continue to care for our oceans and show the beauty of waste. The maritime waste makes each flower pot unique and creates different colour tones and a stunning marble effect, that reflect the colour of the oceans. So help us to prevent ocean pollution together and show the beauty of waste.

Help us to prevent ocean pollution

You can also contribute to cleaner oceans. Every pot we produce means less maritime waste that could end up in our oceans. So help support this good cause!

Every pot is unique!

We have used maritime waste to create the ocean collection for indoor. This results in a unique flower pot with different colour tones and a stunning marble effect, that reflect the colour of the oceans.

Green, greener, greenest

By buying these beautiful flower pots you not only contribute to cleaner oceans, but these products are also super sustainable. They are made out of 100% recycled plastic, we have produced them with our own wind energy and they are also 100% recyclable.

Technical specification

Measurements ⌀ 16 x H 15 cm
Volume 2.5 l
Weight 195 gram
Color green
Shape round
Material Plastic
Product type flowerpot
Product usage indoor
Waranty 3 years
Wheels No
Water reservoir No
Drainage system No
Lowered bottom No
Drill holes No
Optinal drill holes No
Container proof Yes
EAN 8711904516352

the ocean collection collection

At elho we are always looking for new ways to make beautiful design pots from plastic waste and this time we have looked into used fishing nets, ropes and trawls. By preventive collecting this so-called maritime plastic, we get to the root of this problem and make sure this waste will not get into our precious oceans. In this way we prevent unnecessary waste and we can keep our oceans clean(er), while in the same time bring nature into your daily life.

Packaging materials

Because we respect nature, we recycle our packaging materials as much as possible. You can show respect for nature too by separating packaging according to your local authority's guidelines. Below you will find the packaging materials of the product packaging (not the transport packaging).

paper & cardboard Carton card (PAP21)