The bromeliad plant: tropical, fiery and bright

The bromeliad plant: tropical, fiery and bright

The life of the party

The bromeliad plant has many faces. These plant are of tropical origin and come in a whopping 2800 various kinds. Starting from its natural habitat in Middle and South American, it has also conquered European living rooms, balconies and patios. The versatile bromeliad is available in various colours and shapes; for every interior there is a suitable, colourful plant. A true, happy eye catcher that requires hardly any maintenance. That's what makes this indoor plant the ideal member of the family: always a little ray of sunshine inside and outside your home!

A tropical paradise

Have you always wanted a piece of tropical paradise in your home? You can have it! One of the nicest and at the same time the most characteris
tic member of the bromeliad family is the pineapple plant. This versatile, compact kind can, just like its nieces and nephews, be placed both indoors and outdoors. Once ripe, the pineapple not only surprises you with its orange-red colour, you also benefit from its seductive smell. Please note: this pineapple is NOT edible but specifically intended to make your living room smell nice and to give it some colour! With a colourful flowerpot from the brussels-collection you really bring home that tropical feeling. Are you the quiet type? Opt for one of the natural colours from the b.for soft round collection and place a little 'bromeliad family' in a group together.

Bromeliad plant: the popular long bloomer

The bromeliad plant is an intriguing plant which immediately explains its popularity. Although the plant blooms only once, that bloom can last three to six months. In addition, all bromeliads have a positive influence on the air quality. Take, for example, the Vriesea; it provides oxygen at night which makes it perfectly suitable as a quiet air freshener in the bed room. From mid May, bromeliads such as the Aechmea, Billbergia, Pineapple, Neoreglia and Tillandsia, can get some fresh air on the balcony or patio. But it does remain a tropical plant so do protect your flowery friends well! The colourful barcelona-collection is a perfect match for the outdoor bromeliad. Tip: place various planters underneath one another and create a fun, vibrant flower wall.

Become a bromeliad grower yourself

Give the bromeliad a sheltered spot with sufficient light but don't place it in direct sunlight. By regularly pouring water in the calyx and treating your bromeliads to some spray from a spray bottle on a warm summer day, you will get optimum enjoyment from this ambiance maker. Can't get enough of this beautiful bloomer? You can easily become a bromeliad grower yourself. After the blooming period, sprouts arise on the base of the plant. Let these grow to half the size of the original flower and water the calyx for two weeks before you carefully - preferably with the root - break the sprout off. Place the sprout in a pot and, after a year, it is ripe for blooming. Next, place a ripe apple on the calyx and seal it with a plastic bag. Remove the apple and bag after three weeks and after eight to sixteen weeks, your own, new bromeliad will bloom as never before.