Office plants: happy and healthy workers

Office plants: happy and healthy workers

Fresh office air with plants

We’ve all been there, that stuffy, smelly warm boardroom. Not the best environment to spark motivation or inspiration. The study conducted by WER showed that on test locations with plants, the air was often far less stuffy. They also proved that plants help create a more pleasant temperature. During the summer, your boss could be saving around €4,10 on climate control a day with a few plants. And as if that wasn’t reason enough to get some greenery, one plant in pot size 12cm per 2m2 also increases humidity by 5% in the summer and 17% in the winter. All those workspace improvements have one very important result: less sick leave! The study showed that on locations with plants, employees took fewer sick days. On a yearly basis, the research found that plants can result in a minimum of 1,5 fewer sick days per person.

Green office happy workers

A good-looking work space is always better than a boring, grey office environment, and the study shows that plants can help create that space. At test locations with plants, workers found their office far more attractive than at test locations without plants. They indicated feeling more positive about their work and were less stressed. The research also shows that a green space can increase employee confidence and a positive attitude about work results.

More than enough reason to get some plants for your desk! Or go all the way and create a real office jungle with your boss and co-workers. Planters like the elho soft brick divider and the elho vivo matt finish are perfect for an office environment: you can fill them with a few large plants and move them around easily thanks to the little, invisible wheels. Happy planting!