How to propagate a Pilea Peperomioides

How to propagate a Pilea Peperomioides

The Pilea Peperomioides, or Pilea for short, is everyone’s favourite houseplant. And we get why: how cute are those round leaves? With a little bit of luck (and lots of love and proper plant care!) your Pilea will grow little plant babies, which are super easy to propagate. Here’s how.

How do I propagate a Pilea 

When your little baby plant, or pup, is about 4 centimeters tall, remove it from the main stem of the plant. Dig the little plant from the soil and cut as close to the mother plant as possible. Clean your cuttings and place in a small layer of water in a glass or old mason jar.


Propagating plants to make a Pilea family

­Wait a few weeks for your little plants to grow roots. Place the new plant in some soil in a small plant pot, like the elho b. for original rond mini. The plants make for a great gift, but you can also keep them and start a Pilea family collection. Once the plants grow taller, you can repot them in a bigger pot and propagate any new plants. You’ll have a huge Pilea plant gang before you know it!