How to keep your christmas tree beautiful and healthy

How to keep your christmas tree beautiful and healthy

With a green Christmas, a Christmas tree in the house is a must. With or without a root ball, with a stand or a nice pot: the choice is vast. But how do you keep your Christmas tree healthy and beautiful and prevent needles from falling out? We have some handy tips for you!

1. A good start is half the battle

Because Christmas trees grow in the wild, they are not used to warm temperatures in living rooms. The air in the house can also be a lot drier, because the heating is on more often in winter. It is therefore very important to gradually get your Christmas tree used to the temperature difference. Let your tree get used to the temperature in a shed, garage or hall before you bring it into the living room. One day is enough, but by doing so, your pine tree will be less likely to drop its needles.


2. The right place in the house

After a day of getting used to a colder room in or around your house, your Christmas tree is ready to be decorated! Make sure not to place your Christmas tree next to the heating or near the fireplace. A draughty location is not a good idea either. Place your tree in a bright place in the house but avoid direct sunlight.


3. Christmas tree with root ball

If you have bought a Christmas tree with a root ball, put it in a large pot and water it daily. It does not matter if the potting soil feels damp. Make your Christmas tree a real eye-catcher and combine it with a matching elho pot. For example with the pure beads or vibes fold round. These are made with recycled plastic and our own wind energy. Isn't that the sustainable Christmas spirit?

Picture by @wonenbijchan

Picture by @lisannevandeklift

4. Christmas tree with cut trunk

Your sawn-trunk Christmas tree also needs regular watering. Firstly, it is advisable to place your Christmas tree in the elho Christmas tree stand. These special stands feature an adjustable fixer so the tree is stable and you don't have to worry about it falling over. In addition, these stands contain a water reservoir. Make sure the base of your tree is always in the water.

Please note: The water in the stand is toxic because the trunk of the tree gives off resin. So make sure pets and children don't drink the water.


5. Sustainable Christmas tree

Every year, millions of Christmas trees are thrown away in January. Such a shame! It takes a long time before trees are fully grown and mature. Fortunately, there is a sustainable alternative. There are more and more places where you can pick out and adopt Christmas tree. Afterwards, you can hand in your Christmas back to the company and they will plant it back in the ground. Fun fact: These adopted trees have a unique number, so you can bring the same adopted tree back into your house next year at Christmas. Nice, isn't it?