From summer to Indian summer

Warm hues

Many traditional fall colours already give off a feeling of warmth: red and orange, yellow and dark green. These colours also work well when you’re trying to create that Indian summer vibe. Just think about the deep orange red of an early setting sun, illuminating you and your co-workers as you’re sharing drinks on a patio by the water to discuss all the happenings of this past summer. You can recreate this feeling in your garden or on your balcony with the new brique-coloured elho loft products. Combine the soft, red brown planters and flowerpots with plants that stay green and colourful in the fall, like calluna , bamboo, or Japanese laurel. The nice thing is that you can create the same vibe indoors with the new elho b. for soft round flowerpot in the same colour. Add some tropical plants to really get that warm, post-summer feeling.

Indian summer nights

With the sun setting earlier every day, we’re tempted to spend our cosy nights indoors. Kind of a shame, really, because as long as the weather is warm enough, we should benefit from that fresh evening air for as long as we can. Who cares if the sun is ready to throw in the towel? Hold on to those long summer evenings with the right kind of lightning. A few strings of fairy lights, some nice candles and a firepit will do the trick. Or go for some flowerpots like the elho pure straight led light: a white, illuminated flower pot that gives off a warm summer glow thanks to its matt exterior. The flowerpot comes with a dimmer switch, so you can decide exactly when the sun goes down. Let’s all just pretend winter isn’t right around the corner!