5x flowering plants for a cosy fall garden

5x flowering plants for a cosy fall garden

Crocus speciosus

Yes, you can still enjoy these lovely plants in the fall! The crocus speciosus, or Bieberstein’s crocus, is the most popular fall crocus, with pretty, soft purple blue petals and a mustard yellow centre. The crocus is an easy plant that enjoys moist (but not wet!) soil and lots of sunshine. Fun fact: this crocus multiplies itself, so you’ll have even more flowers to enjoy next fall!


This traditional autumn plant is usually found on meadows and moors, but grows just fine in gardens as well. We know the calluna, or Scotch heather, as purple queen of the fall forest, but these days the plant can be found in many different colours. Place a few of them together in a planter or different pots for a vibrant, happy garden.


Chrysanthemums are available in pretty much every colour of the rainbow, and grow strong from August until November. When most flowering plants are ready to give up the fight at the end of autumn, the chrysanthemum pushes on. Go chrysanthemum! Help your plant grow strong by placing him in the sun, and make sure the soil always stays a bit moist.


These Mexican beauties bloom until October, and can be used as cut flowers for pretty fall bouquets on your dining table. The more flowers you cut away, the longer your plant will bloom and the more flowers he’ll give. Nature’s gift that just keeps on giving! 


There’s a reason why this plant is known as the winter rose. As soon as fall draws to an end and other plants are ready to retire for winter, this gorgeous plant comes out to play. With his white, pink or purple flowers, the helleborus makes sure your garden will stay a colourful oasis far into December, perhaps even January.