Japanese skimmia

Skimmia japonica

Japanese skimmia
Average care

Plant information

The Skimmia requires lightly acidic (potting) soil to realise its full potential. Water occasionally and make sure excess water from a rain shower drains well. Pruning the Skimmia is not necessary, unless you want to retain the ball shape. Preferably prune the plant in spring.
The Skimmia feels comfortable in a spot in partial shade and morning sun. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight. The Skimmia is a hardy and tough plant, so the plant can be left outside in winter.
The Skimmia is easy to propagate from cuttings. Use cuttings of about 10 centimetres. For best results, plant the cuttings in August or September. The seeds from the berries can also be used to grow new Skimmias. Repotting is not needed, unless the plant is outgrowing its pot.

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