Sansevieria trifasciata

Snake plant

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Requires extremely little water
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Repot after three years
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The Sanseveria is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. The plant, which originally comes from Africa, requires very little care. Mother-in-law's Tongues, as the plants are also called, can be obtained in different varieties. The name refers to the sharp leaves that represent a sharp woman's tongue in general, and that of your mother-in-law in particular. One of this robust houseplant's greatest benefits is that it does everything possible to achieve optimal humidity in the home.


Mother-in-law's Tongues require little to no care. The plant endures just about all conditions. The only things that Sanseveria does not appreciate is overwatering. When in doubt, don't water. The plant only requires water when the soil has properly dried out.


The Sanseveria is at ease anywhere in the home. If you place the plant close to a window, its leaves will become lighter in colour.


The Sanseveria can be repotted directly after purchase. After about three years the plant outgrows the pot. This would then be a good moment to repot the Mother-in-law's Tongue.