Pancake plant

Pilea peperomioides

Pancake plant
Easy to care

Plant information

Upkeep of the Pancake Plant is simple: water a little bit once a week. Make sure that the soil does not dry up, but also avoid overwatering. Adding a liquid plant food once a month contributes to keeping the plant healthy.
Of course you'll want to give this interior star performer a distinctive spot. The coffee table or any other place where the Pancake plant receives plenty of light are fine locations (just beware of direct sunlight in the summer). If the plant is in too bright or too dark of a spot, then its leaves will give you a clear signal.
Once the Pancake Plant is growing, shoots will naturally emerge. Let them grow for a bit, then cut them off, and plant the cuttings in a new pot. You'll soon be launching your own Pancake Plant Nursery. If you want to give the Pancake Plant more room, and wish to produce cuttings, then repot the plant directly after purchase or in the spring.

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