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Water your plant once every ten days
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Loves a bright spot without direct sunlight
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Repot your plant once he outgrows its pot
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Did you know orchids grow on trees in the wild? These adventurous little air plants are a must-have for your indoor jungle, although they do require a little extra attention. Worth the effort though, as they’ll reward you with the loveliest little flowers.


Orchids don’t need much water: once every ten days or so is fine. Make sure the soil gets a chance to dry out a bit in between watering sessions, and never leave a layer of water in the pot, as orchids don’t like getting their feet wet.


As a tropical plant, your orchid will love a sunny spot with direct sunlight. A stable temperature is important if you want to keep your plant happy, so make sure there are no drafts, fans, or heaters around. Place the plant in a slightly colder spot after its flowering period: this will help your plant grow new branches for new blooms.


Repot your orchid after purchase, and every two to three years in the spring once the plant outgrows its pot.

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