Liatris spicata

blazing star

Easy to care

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Water twice a week
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Enjoys a sunny or partial shade spot
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Repot once every two or three years
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The liatris spicata is also known as blazing star, and its flowers look like purple bottle brushes. With its tall stalks and bright colours, the plant is a great fit with any kind of garden or balcony style. The liatris is an easy plant, and also hugely popular with bees and butterflies. Your little winged friends will be thrilled with a few of these blazing stars in the backyard. Happy nature, happy people!


Water your plant twice a week in the summer. Don’t worry if you’re going away on holiday or forget a watering session once or twice, this sturdy plant can handle some dry soil for a while.


The blazing star prefers a spot in the sun or partial shade. It’s a perennial plant, so you can leave him outside in the winter.


Repot your plant once every two or three years, preferably in the spring. Did your plant grow a lot this past year? Make sure you repot him in a bigger pot.