Buxus sempervirens


Requires a lot of care

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Provide sufficient water and prune twice yearly
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Enjoys being outdoors
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Repot when the plant starts to lose its condition
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The Buxus sempervirens, or Buxus for short, is the ideal hedge plant for low-growing hedges. It can serve as a divider in the garden or can be trimmed into a beautiful shape. The plant has been fulfilling this latter role as a model since Roman times. It is not for nothing that the plant can be found in various well-known castle gardens.


For optimal growth, it is important to water the Buxus regularly. Ensure that the soil contains enough lime and keep the Buxus away from acid-loving plants. Fertiliser, iron, and magnesium, as well as a trim every six months, contribute to a fine hedge.


A Buxus feels especially at home anywhere outside. The dry air in the home is simply too much for the plant. Outside, the Buxus is in its element. Avoid a spot where the plant would receive direct sunlight for long periods.


A Buxus that is spending the winter in a pot should be moved to protected spot. The plant can withstand the winter but quickly dries up in a pot. If the condition of the Buxus worsens, then you must repot it. Put the plant in a large pot, so the Buxus is again ready for a healthy, green future.