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Elephant Ear

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Modesty becomes the plant – certainly in the case of the Alocasia Bambino Arrow. This ornamental plant, also called Elephant Ear owing to the shape of its leaves, is well suited to smaller spaces. The Alocasia grows no taller than 40 centimetres and has elegant, distinctive leaves. This small bit of jungle also takes care of purifying the air.


Keep the plant moist and avoid desiccation. Use room-temperature water, a bit more in the summer than in the winter. Ensure sufficient humidity, and to this end, spraying will also help.


The splendid leaves of the Alocasia are thin and consequently sensitive. Put the plant in a bright spot where there is little risk of brushing against the leaves and avoid direct sunlight. The plant will also do fine in less well illuminated spots as long as the room temperature is around 20 degrees.


Repot the Alocasia every two or three years or when the plant has grown too big. Do this preferably in the spring. During this period, any damaged roots will recover more quickly.