Acer palm 'shaina'

Palmate maple or Japanese maple

Requires a lot of care

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This maple likes to keep his feet dry
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Repot the maple in a big pot after purchase
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Want to add a little zen to your garden? This Japanese maple will turn your outdoor space into a lush, relaxing botanical garden in no time. Blessed with bright purple-red leaves, this little tree adds some much-needed colour to your green oasis. Once autumn rolls around, the leaves will turn a gorgeous orange-red.


This lovely little tree doesn’t like to get his feet wet, so make sure you use well-draining soil and water your plant just once a week. During hot periods in the summertime, you might have to increase watering to twice or three times a week. Make sure the tree has enough room in his pot, and don’t forget to drill holes in the bottom of the pot to let excess water through.


This Japanese fellow is an outdoor plant only. Make sure he gets a spot in your garden with partial shade; the tips of the leaves can get sensitive to burning and don’t like to face any direct sunlight.


Make sure you repot the Japanese maple immediately after purchase. Give him some light, humus rich soil. Any loam-based compost with good drainage will make this plant a happy camper.