Watering plants during a hot summer

Watering plants during a hot summer

Tips for outdoor plants

1. Preferably water your plants as early as possible in the morning. This way the water evaporates the least quickly so your plants will have enough opportunity to absorb it. The chance of burning is also the smallest because the sun is not that strong at this time. Avoid the advice to water your plants in the evening because your plants have heated up considerably during the day. They can be shocked by the temperature difference if you water them after a hot day. This shock can cause your plants to get yellow leaves or even lose them.

Did you know our green basics watering can green basics watering can exists of recycled detergent bottles? It’s also produced with our own wind energy and is 100% recyclable.

2. Only water your plants on the soil. This way the water reaches the roots of your plants faster and the water has less change to evaporate. Avoid getting the leaves of your plant too wet, as this can cause your plant to get leaf fungus or getting burned.

3. Do you have your own vegetable garden? Make sure that your veggies and herbs can be coverd during the hottest part of the day. This way you’ll prevent combustion. Also make sure that you only water the soil and not the crops themselves to prevent leaf fungus. Do you have growing pots or a growtable from our green basics collection? Perhaps the matching growhouses offer a solution. These are equipped with a ventilation slider at the top and have a UV-filter which prevents your plants from getting burned. Also pests won’t reach your homegrown crops. A win-win situation!

Our green basics growhouse + growtable are a perfect match to provide your own veggie garden with an optimal growth climate.

4. The amount of water you need to give depends on for example the type of plant, the location and whether your plant is in the open ground or in a pot. The most important thing is not to give small amounts of water each time. This may cause the roots of your plants to get lazy. Fortunately, elho has many pots with an integrated water saucer. This ensures that the surplus of water is stored in the saucer at the bottom. When your plant needs some extra water, the roots can suck it up from the saucer. In addition, the surplus of water does not remain in the potting soil, which reduces the risk of root rot.

All the planters from our greenville collection come with an integrated saucer.

Tips for indoor plants

1. Are you gone for the weekend? The elho aqua care is the perfect solution for you. Fill the ball with water and stick it at a slight angle in the soil all the way under the roots of your indoor plants. The aqua care then releases water whenever necessary. This means that the plant will be neither too dry nor too wet. Depending on how thirsty your plant is, fill the bulb with water every few days.

The aqua care is your lifesaver when you are away for a few days.

2. Are you unsure about the amount of water you should give your indoor plants? The elho self-watering insert can be placed in one of your pots as an inner pot and ensures that your plants receive just the right amount of water. The water meter indicates when you need to refill the insert.

Because the self-watering insert is available in many different pot sizes, you’ll find a matching insert for almost every pot in your house.

3. Spray your indoor plants with a sprayer once every few days. Tropical plant species such as the strelitzia, monstera or calathea especially like this because it increases the humidity. This simulates the natural living environment of these plants. Tip: Use cooled down, boiled water to prevent chalkstains on the leaves of your plants.

This sprayer has a capacity of 0.7 liters and an adjustable spray nozzle.

4. Because the sun is currently very bright, it is advisable to put your indoor plants in a spot with more shadow. This way you’ll prevent the leaves from burning.

5. Stop giving extra nutrition during too high temperatures. Your indoor plants are currently getting enough energy from the sun and will only get more upset if you continue to supplement them during this hot period.

Can you also use some cooling down yourself during these hot days? In this blog post we explain how you can make a glass of delicious iced tea from your own garden.