The hanging plant should be hanging around again

The hanging plant should be hanging around again

A green atmosphere throughout the house and garden

The hanging plant is on the rise, both indoors and outdoors. Protected from any natural ‘hazard’, safely behind glass, on the wall or from the ceiling, the hedera, fern, senecio (string of pearls plant) and lipstick plant give your home a green atmosphere. Your patio or balcony can be dressed in perennials such as the Aeschynanthus Japhrolepis, Rhipsalis Baccifera Horrida or the Petunia Million Bells. Do you like new challenges? elho will provide you with some smart tips so that your newly acquired plants don’t start drooping.

How do I maintain a hanging plant?
Find a spot in your home where there’s enough light for your hanging plant. Some water from time to time - preferably in the morning - and removing dead flowers is sufficient to keep this trendsetter happy. If you choose an outdoor plant, make sure not to hang the plant in a windy area or in full sun. On warm days it is important to water the plants twice a day. Do not pour water over the plants in full sun, as this will cause them to burn. It is advisable to give your hanging plants some plant food every few weeks, so that you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time.

Pots make the plant

The hanging plantmay be the key player, but a special pot or basket is just as important. Choose pots that match your interior colours or pots with colours that pop. Within the Brussels and b.for soft collections, specially designed for indoor plants, you will find a varied, colourful assortment to brighten up any living space. Hang plants from your balcony, pergola or garden gate with the loft urban hanging set. Other stylish ‘hanging baskets’ can be found in the corsica and green basics collections. Elevate your garden to great heights. Enjoy the view!