Photogenic plants: that deserve framing!

Photogenic plants: that deserve framing!

Greenery spotted'; the social media trend!

In your timeline on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest  greenery is increasingly being 'spotted'. Between the pictures of pets, views, fashion and city breaks, photogenic plants are now gaining ground. Proud greenery owners just like to showcase their 'piece of living furniture'. But which houseplants score the best in terms of looks? To find out we took a look at, elho’s global inspiration platform.


Trending topic: the pancake plant

One of the most photogenic plants is undeniably the Pilea or pancake plant. This ‘trending topic’ owes its popularity to its appearance – the playful, round leaves – and the fact that it’s easy to take cuttings from the plant. In addition to the mother plant, new, small plants often grow. Carefully loosen the growing plants and plant them in a pot of cutting compost. Give the little ones water once or twice a week and before you know it, you’ve got Pileas in various sizes! The Pilea – which fits perfectly in the brussels round – is ideally happy in half shade, and in summer you can take the plant outside with you. You grow with the green basics grow-your-own seed trays. They’re available in different sizes, which means that there’s always a suitable pot for your plant!

Monstera (cheese plant)

This tropical creeping climbing plant likes looking up the best. The name of the plant – (Swiss) cheese plant - is thanks to the particular shape of the leaves, which are full of holes. The Monstera brightens every room, grows well in a slightly darker place, does not need too much water and in addition cleans the air. Also, the distinctive leaves often appear printed on pillows, posters and other interior accessories. Do you want green results quickly? Then this is your ideal plant! The Monstera is completely at home in elho’s b.for soft-flowerpot. A good tip: plant several big, wild plants together and create your own 'urban jungle'!

Persea americana (avocado plant)

In a time of healthy living, thinking about your figure and superfoods, the avocado plant is a must. Not only are tasty avocado shakes and smoothies 'hot' but so are avocado cuttings. One of the most photogenic plants to share online with your followers, the whole process rewards you at the end of the ride with healthy fruit! Are you curious about how to go from stone to plant? Then look at Pinterest for useful tips and tricks! Your homegrown avocado will, of course, give you a striking setting. The b.for up, with its trendy platform, will let your plant be at its best!

Cactaceae (Cactus)

From one big, tough cactus in the living room to complete cactus families. The cactus comes in all shapes and sizes and is and remains a hip plant. Apart from simple care you barely have to look after these prickly plants and the cactus lends itself to contrasts. So you can choose a brightly coloured flowerpot for your plant or place it in front of a strikingly coloured wall. There is even an Instagram-account, specifically intended for plants that "pose" in front of a pink background: @plantsonpink. The cactus often features there. Do you want to show off your cactus plant? Then choose the b.for rock in the trendy colour ochre or combine your plant with the bright colours of the b.for diamond collection.


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