Oxygen from plants - good for you and your house?

Oxygen from plants - good for you and your house?

Oxygen from plants, what is it good for?

A feel-good indoor plant, it might sound a bit crazy. Indoor plants cheer up your home. Then why is oxygen from plants so important? Indoor plants not only have a decorative function, they also have a positive effect on your health. But how does it work? They remove harmful substances from the air and influence the humidity. Have you thought about the fact that the air in your home is 7 times more polluted than the outside air? It is with good reason people are advised to step away from their desk at work to get some fresh air. There are many things in your home that pollute the air. Think about carpets, furniture or a new computer. If you want less harmful compounds in your home or office, make sure there are plenty of oxygen-rich plants!

Easier to concentrate with an indoor plant

Indoor plants purify both your home and your mind. Many plants have a relaxing effect, reduce stress and enhance your concentration. That is how you create a pleasant work and living environment. Feeling out of sorts and a bit down? Different plants could provide you with the boost you need. In addition, a home filled with plants is really cosy. Everyone will be in a better mood.

What is the right spot?

Where is the best spot to put your healthy plant? Well, that depends on the plant. Some plants need more light than others. The windowsill is one option for a healthy work climate. Put one in the bedroom or bathroom for a relaxing environment and extra oxygen. A good level of humidity helps against respiratory infections and irritations. Why is oxygen from plants so important? Air humidity should be between 40-60% for a pleasant living environment. If that isn't the case, you may start having headaches or problems concentrating. Are your eyes irritated? Then the air in your home is too dry. But when the air humidity is too high, moulds could form.

Which plants work extra hard?

All indoor plants have a positive effect on their environment, but some plants are known to be just a bit better for your health.

  • Spathiphyllum: purifies the air
  • Aloe Vera: removes chemicals from the air
  • Sansevieria: converts carbon monoxide into extra oxygen
  • Fern: increases air humidity, for example when the air in your home is dry due to higher heating in winter
  • Ficus: neutralises chemicals.