It couldn’t be easier: these houseplants require little care

It couldn’t be easier: these houseplants require little care

1. Aglaonema Silver Bay

The Aglaonema is originally from the tropical rainforest, where it grows naturally under the dense foliage of the jungle. This houseplant can therefore also be placed in a somewhat darker place in the room. Also in terms of watering this tropical houseplant is not the most difficult one. They don’t mind having a little more or less water, as long as the roots are not too wet.

The Aglaonema remains best if the soil is slightly moist. Aren't you such a green hero? Then this combination with the elho greenville round is the perfect solution. The integrated water reservoir at the bottom stores surplus water without leaving the roots of your plants wet. When your plant is thirsty, it can suck the stored water from the reservoir.

2. Euphorbia Wolfsmelk

There is actually no easier houseplant than the cactus. The saying goes: when in doubt, do not water. The potting soil must be dry before watering again. In winter, cacti can go without water for up to 2 months, ideal right? The cactus also does not make many demands on its location. It can withstand a lot of sunlight, but also survives in a somewhat darker place in the house. Combine this desert cactus with the simple, sleek design of the elho b.for soft and let it stand out even more.

3. Sanseveria Trifasciata

The Sanseveria Trifasciata also originates from the desert and is therefore drought resistant. The same applies as with the cactus: when in doubt, do not water and in the winter months it can live without water for weeks. The Sanseveria does not place high demands on the location either. However, the leaf of the plant becomes lighter in color when it receives more light. The further it is from the window, the less water this plant needs. The Sanseveria has been a winner in many households for years, just like the elho brussels family. You are certainly in the right place with this combination!

4. Zamioculcas

The Zamioculcas certainly belongs to this list of strong houseplants. This plant stores water in its roots and in the trunk. This makes it easy for him to survive with less water. The Zamioculcas can stand in both a light and somewhat darker position. The closer to the light, the faster it grows. This strong houseplant is perfect in combination with the elho pure beads. These pots are made of special plastic so that the color does not fade if you put it in full sun together with these Zamioculcas. This elho pot is also very suitable for combining with the elho self-watering insert. With this smart inner pot with water reservoir you can no longer go wrong with taking care of your plants.

5. Dracaena Marginata

The Dracaena Marginata also fits perfectly in this list. This houseplant needs very little water and the soil may feel slightly dried out. It works perfectly in a shady place. When this plant stands in to much light, the leaves will turn yellow. This Dracaena looks perfect in combination with the b.for soft in anthracite.