green basics grow tray saucer l living black

green basics grow tray saucer l living black

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Färg: living black

Mäta: W 51 x H 2 x D 19 cm


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The elho green basics saucer makes growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs at home even more enjoyable. This multifunctional saucer can be used in two different ways. (1) Place small grow pots on the saucer to allow seeds and cuttings to grow. The saucer can be paired with the green basics grow house for optimal growing results. The grow house ensures the perfect climate, causing seeds and cuttings to grow faster. 2) Pair the saucer with the elho grow tray. You can place different sized grow trays on the saucer. The saucer collects any excess water and functions as a water reservoir for the plants. This is extremely handy when using the grow tray indoors. Would you like to optimise the growing process? Pair the saucer with the green basics grow house. All products from the green basics collection by elho are made of recycled plastic. The saucer can be placed in direct sunlight, the UV-filter will prevent any fading colours. The cover is easy to clean and suitable for temperatures to -40 Celsius.There’s no need to worry about dropping or knocking the saucer: elho green basics products are impossible to break.

Tekniska specifikationer

Measurements W 51 x H 2 x D 19 cm
Utsida uppe W 51 x H 2.9 x D 18.5 cm
Utsida nedre W 49.5 x H 2.9 x D 17 cm
Insida uppe W 49.7 x H 2.5 x D 17.7 cm
Insida nedre W 49.2 x H 2.5 x D 16.5 cm
Volume 0 l
Weight 160 gram
Färg svart
Forma rektangulär
Material plast
Produkttyp fat
Produktanvändning inomhus, utomhus, odla din egen, tillbehör
Waranty 2 år
Hjul Nej
Vattningssystem Nej
Dräneringssystem Nej
Förhöjd botten Nej
Drill holes Nej
Optinal drill holes Nej
Behållarskydd Nej
EAN 8711904230142

green basics kollektion

Elho likes our world to be green! That is why we select sustainable production methods for our products and include recycled plastic in our green basics products. Our collection offers both functional and fun products for every growth phase. Elho has something for everyone, whether you are just starting out or have been passionately growing your own food for years.