brussels sprayer 0,7ltr mint

  • Skapad med naturen i åtanke, tillverkad av av egen vindenergi, 100% Återvinningsbar
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Färg: mint

Mäta: B 12 x H 22 x D 9 cm


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This stylish elho sprayer keeps your flowers and indoor plants healthy and strong. Not all plants and flowers require the same amount of water; this sprayer enables you to accurately water your flowers and indoor plants. Thanks to the timeless design the brussels sprayer looks great in any décor and provides years of pleasurable use. This plastic sprayer matches perfectly with the elho brussels flower pots and the watering can, so you can simply leave it on the table for everyone to enjoy.

Tekniska specifikationer

Measurements B 12 x H 22 x D 9 cm
Volume 0,7 l
Weight 125 gram
Färg grön
Forma olika
Material plast
Produkttyp spruta
Produktanvändning inomhus, odla din egen
Waranty 3 år
Hjul Nej
Vattningssystem Nej
Dräneringssystem Nej
Förhöjd botten Nej
Drill holes Nej
Optinal drill holes Nej
Behållarskydd Nej
EAN 8711904303341

brussels kollektion

You see brussels in every interior. That’s no surprise: the range is huge. As is the convenience, by the way. From matte to lacquer finish, from low to high, extremely large to endearingly tiny: everything is possible. But no matter how extensive the colourful assortment, it’s always typically brussels: plastic, fresh, modern,timeless.

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brussels sprayer 0,7ltr mint