How to care for your houseplant in fall: 4 elho tips

How to care for your houseplant in fall: 4 elho tips

Decorating our home with new plants, that makes us especially happy in spring, doesn't it? The urge to drastically change your home and interior is known not once, but twice a year. Like now, in autumn. It slowly starts to get colder again, we turn the heating back on (or maybe not) and for many plants, autumn is also known as a resting period. But what does that really mean for the care of your new greenery at home?

1. Time to rest

In autumn and winter, your plants stop growing for a while, so to speak. They bring their metabolism to a lower level and that's why they like it a little less warm. If you have your heating on, move them a little further away from the heating. Do you have underfloor heating? Then put them temporarily on a table or other elevation. The elho pure coupe and b. for studio flower pots are the perfect solution for your plant in combination with underfloor heating, placing it a little further away from the heat source. Would you prefer to leave your plant in its usual spot ? Then you can place a piece of cork or polystyrene foam under the flower pot. Problem solved!

2. Save water

Not only do we save on heating, but also on water! Especially since the plants are dormant during this period, they need less water too. In addition, humidity is also very low in autumn and winter. Therefore, spray them with a water sprayer for some extra moisture and preferably always feel the potting soil before you water them. A little damp is more than enough!

3. Dust-free house, happy plants!

Not only you, but plants hate dust too! This is because when there is a layer of dust on the leaves, it becomes difficult for the plant to absorb light, so they can hardly produce any nutrients. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or put (thirsty) plants in the shower, pot and all.

4. Daylight = key

The days are getting shorter and shorter, which automatically means your plants get less light. Preferably put them in a bright spot, but not directly in front of or behind the window. Are you short of light in your home? The elho light care collection can give you a helping hand. Your plants get just the right amount of light and you can enjoy your green interior a lot longer.