In 1964 the journey started when Otto Elderenbosch and Saskia Horstmeier founded "Elho International". As young entrepreneurs they became true pioneers in the synthetic pottery market and managed to build a strong, successful and qualitative product collection.

By expanding its business to other countries, designing innovative products and starting its own production, elho was ready for a new phase in the mid 90s.

The second generation of the Elderenbosch family transformed elho from a product-driven company into a market-driven company. Throughout the years elho has dedicated itself to product development, gaining extensive experience in sustainable production, a strong marketing focus and a supportive team.

Today, in response to new technologies, and expanding urbanisation, elho continues to transform its approach in response to the customer's evolving needs. At elho we see the opportunities, amazing initiatives and countless possibilities that can benefit this world, our lives, our homes - and answer our growing urge to give room to nature. And so our journey continues...