The elho story

In The Netherlands, elho creates design pottery from recycled materials that makes both people and nature smile. At elho we always do our best to inspire you to bring nature into your daily life.

Since 1964

elho is a family owned company founded in 1964. We are proud to be the leading innovator in the synthetic pottery market with more than 50 years of experience. Our products are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. elho products are always of premium quality, built to last and designed for a better plant life. We produce with 100% wind energy and already 55% of our products is made of recycled materials. Our aim is to be circular in 2020.

Something’s growing at elho

Today we live in a transforming world. Due to new technologies and urbanisation our lives are changing rapidly. In this development we also see that people have an urge for nature and want to reconnect with nature.  We see this trend in both urban and more rural areas. Integrating greenery in one’s living environment is often easier said than done. That’s why elho wants to focus on products that empower and facilitate this integration. That’s why our purpose is to bring today's nature into people’s daily lives.

We bring nature’s positive vibe and nature itself closer to you, in all sorts of shapes and colours. We continue working hard to inspire you, and together we make your living environment better. We inspire you so that ‘merely living’ transitions into feeling that you are alive, so that you can enjoy life more intensely. We see it as our responsibility to continue looking ahead, and to enrich the world with beautiful, practical and inspiring ways to bring nature closer. 

Give Room to Nature