The beauty of waste

Waste. For elho it's sheer beauty. That's because we use recycled plastic to create beautiful designer pots. Bring nature indoors with elho. It will make you happy! Designer pots for indoors, made of 100% recycled plastic.

This trendy newcomer is going to be an eyecatcher in your interior! Plants in the house create a great ambience and give your energy a boost. Imagine waking up every day in a house full of green plants or coming home to a green oasis after a hard day's work.  A little green boost might be all you need. Create a healthy and pleasant home for yourself and your family, and give each corner a green touch with plants in pots by playing with the colours and sizes.

Mix and match

Thanks to the beautiful colours and the trendy rib pattern, the vibes pots have a unique look and fit perfectly in a cosy and warm interior. If you prefer a pronounced look, then mix and match the 4 colours. If a gentle pastel suits you better, then choose one of the soft colours.

Enjoy long lasting plants

If you don't have green fingers but do like to have plants around, then treat your plants to an elho self-watering insert. With this handy and smart pot insert with water meter, you know exactly when you have to water your plant. It ensures that you can enjoy beautiful green plants for a long time, and fits perfectly into the vibes pots with diameters of 18 and 22 cm.

Want to know more about all sizes and colours?

On this page you can find more information on our new vibes collection.