Waste, for elho it is sheer beauty, because we make the most beautiful desiger pots from recycled plastic. Green up your home with elho, it makes you happier. Designer pots for outdoors and indoors, made from 100% recycled plastic.



Patterns come to life with the new fuente collection


For everyone who loves to be surrounded by nature, elho offers beautiful pots that makes your plants feel happy. Creating an atmosphere where you feel completely at home. 


The new fuente collection is made with 100% recycled plastic, and is available in three sizes and three different patterns: a lush foliage motif (lily), modern rings around the pot  (rings) and an embossed pattern (grains), and all these patterns are carefully selected by a consumer panel.

Choice for everyone The various patterns of the fuente collection gives every outdoor space a touch of nature.
Each pattern a different feeling

This collection responds to the trend of increasing popularity of patterns: surfaces that are soft, raw, porous, and stimulate senses when in touch.

Whether you prefer the classic, modern or industrial style, there's sure to be a pattern or colour that appeals to you.

Can be used outdoors and indoors

The bottom of the pot features a handy plug that allows you to place the pots indoors or outdoors. If you put the pot outside, you can easily remove the plug from the bottom, so any excess water can drain away. If you put the pot inside, always make sure that the plug is secured into the bottom of the pot. And of course, these pots are frost-resistant.

Purchasing our products

You can buy elho products in shops or through our online partners’ webshops.