Designer pots made with recycled plastics

Waste. For us it is sheer beauty.
That’s because we use recycled plastic, to create beautiful designer pots.

We love waste. It's not something that we often want more of, but we do when it's about recycling. We just can't get enough of it. We call it the beauty of waste. 70% of the materials that we currently use are made from recycled plastic. That means that we have incorporated almost 5,600,000 kilo of recycled plastic into our pots in the past year! But we're not done yet. 

Created with nature in mind: our proofpoints


5,600,000 kilo waste becomes beauty:
Each year, we use nearly 5,600,000 kilos of recycled plastic to produce designer pots.
We always aim for more:
70% of all the materials we use comes from recycled plastic.
100% own Wind Energy:
Our production is solely driven by the energy supplied by our own wind turbine in the back garden.


Designed and made in Holland:
A large majority of our products are designed and produced in Tilburg.
Longlasting quality:
Our pots are made to last and will provide enjoyment for years to come.
No more waste:
All our pots are recyclable.