elho beezzz

A paradise for bees

Did you know we have 1,800,000 bees! July 2016 we officially opened the elho bee house that currently is the home of 25 bee colonies. City beekeeper Marcel Horck has sowed the site with flowers for this endangered species.

Bee hall

The bee hall is designed by Quadrant 4. A modern sedum roof accommodates 25 bee colonies and is connected to a transparent reception area where you can admire the bees. The bee hall is used for the reception of students, groups and the education of new beekeepers. It is built in such a way that it is fully removable in case of the future expansion of elho.

Bee garden

The landscaped bee garden that surrounds the bee hall provides plenty of food for the bees all year round. Various species of willow, crab apple, hawthorn and linden have been planted on the site. The late-flowering buckwheat and phacelia ensure enough food for the bees. The large pond provides plenty of space for the bees to fly outside of their hives. Meanwhile frogs and dragonflies have been spotted around the pond too! “Not only the bees but also other animals will feel at home in the garden”, says Mark van Strijdhoven from Beter Groen.  


Marcel Horck is enormously proud of this site for his bee colonies. He hopes that this initiative will be followed by other companies and entrepreneurs who can make green areas or unused land available. “For the preservation of bee colonies it is essential that areas are made available that can be sowed with flowers that provide food for bees. That way we can sustain this important biological chain“, according to Marcel Horck, Tilburg’s city beekeeper.