elho loves green. And not just the kind of green that finds its home in our pots. We love green in every sense of the word, and do everything we can to make the world a greener place.

To turn these green ambitions into reality, we have to think big. And act even bigger. In 2016, we built our very own wind turbine, allowing us to generate 100% of our own energy. We also drive electric cars, make sure our trucks run on biogas, and have a custom-made roof that allows for more daylight in our building, vastly reducing the energy we use for lighting.

Being green also means finding novel ways to handle waste. We are very proud to say 63% of our products is made with recycled materials. Also our packaging is made from recycled materials and recyclable as well, and our aim is to be fully circular by 2020.

A nice example of our way forward is the elho Green Basics watering can. It's made of 100% post-consumer waste material. To be precise: about a dozen old detergent bottles.