Beauty of waste

We love waste. It's not something that we often want more of, but we do when it comes to recycling. We just can't get enough of it. We call it the beauty of waste. 80% of the materials that we currently use are made with recycled plastic. That means that we have incorporated almost 8.400,000 kilo of recycled plastic into our pots in the past year! But we're not done yet. By the way, everything we make is recyclable again. Just like the packaging of our products. But that makes sense right?

Take our watering can...
It is made from 12 used detergent bottles. Doesn't that make watering your plants fun? Especially when you have drawn the water from our green basics rain barrel, which collects the rain water in your garden and is, of course, also made with recycled plastic.

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Our latest addition is our greenville collection:
We are truly proud of this collection. This new collection shows that modern design, functionality and sustainable production can go hand in hand. Greenville pots have a stylish look, an integrated water reservoir, and they are made from recycled plastic. These pots both look and feel good in your garden or on your terrace.

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