Smart solutions for easy plant care

Do you love plants, but weren't born with a green thumb? Do you often give your plants too little or too much water? We have smart solutions that can help you take care of your plants in the best possible way. It will become a piece of cake! This allows you to enjoy your beautiful plants for a longer time.


Knowing when your plant needs water

The self-watering insert is an easy watering system that provides more peace of mind while making your home greener. The water meter indicates exactly when you need to add water. This way your plants get the right amount of water at the right time. Your plants can then go on for up to weeks. This way you can enjoy your beautiful green plants even longer! Watch the video here to see exactly how this works.

Different sizes of this insert are available, so it fits most elho pots. Here you will find an overview. The self-watering insert is also suitable for many other pots, including ceramics. And it's made from recycled plastic. Enjoying more greenery in your life without worry, what more could you want?

Drain excess water with a drainage system 

We also have pots with a drainage system. This ensures that excess water is drained and your plants never get too wet. This way you prevent root rot. Within our collection there are two types of drainage systems:

Overflow pipe

In pots with an overflow pipe the water is stored, up to the level of this pipe. When the water rises, it automatically drains. Therefore, these pots are especially suitable for outdoor use. Some pots come with a cap, so you can use the pot indoors. This is for example in our pure and vivo collections.

Drill holes

The water runs out directly through the holes in the bottom of the pot. Pots with drill holes are therefore especially suitable for outdoor use. Indoors is also possible, but use a saucer to prevent water from getting on your floor. In some products we have already drilled the holes, with others you can do this yourself. The places for this are indicated with an icon of a drill (on the bottom or inside of the pot).

Water reservoir: save water for later

Pots with a water reservoir store excess water for your plant to use later. This prevents your plants from getting too wet and they still have reserves when they need water again. Handy if you accidentally forget to water them. We have water reservoirs in the form of an inlay or saucer. The pots with an overflow pipe also store some water for later use.


The loft urban collection has pots with a raised inlay, both small and large pots. This inlay provides extra space at the bottom of the pot, so excess water can be stored. Your plant can then reach it again when it's thirsty. Watch the video here to see exactly how this works.


Pots with saucers work the same as the raised inlay, only under the pot instead of inside. The saucer collects the water and the plant can reach it when necessary. The saucers can be integrated in the pot, as in the greenville collection, or separately, as in the corsica collection.

Catching water with a saucer

Our collection includes many saucers, in all kinds of colors and sizes. And if we don't have a suitable saucer for a certain product, you can always use our universal saucer. With a saucer you will not get water stains on your terrace. And saucers allow you to use outdoor pots indoors, even those with drill holes. The saucer ensures that no water ends up on your floor. Surround yourself with greenery without any worries!

Plug: can be used indoors and outdoors

Some pots in our range, such as the fuente collection, have a plug in the bottom. That is why you can use these pots both indoors and outdoors. If you place the pot outside, you can easily remove the plug from the bottom. This allows the excess water to drain. If you place the pot inside, always make sure that the plug is in the bottom of the pot. Watch the video here to see exactly how this works.