Nature has given us everything. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat. We’re not apart from nature – we’re part of it. Its well-being is our well-being. And when it flourishes, we flourish. It’s our dream to build a greener, better world - and encourage others to join us. Let’s work together, and step-by-step, we’ll create a world where nature and people can blossom.


Let's learn from nature and let’s share knowledge with others, so we can grow, together.

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Start your own vegetable garden

Have you wanted to start your own vegetable garden for years but never succeeded? We'll give you tips to make your own vegetable garden a real success!

I want those tips!


Let’s love nature, be amazed by it, surround ourselves with it, and bring it back into our daily lives.

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Share your love for nature

How do you surround yourself with nature? Share it with us on Instagram using #elho or be inspired by how others bring more nature into their daily lives.

Let's be inspired


Let’s return the gifts the earth has shared with us. Let’s be inspired by the cyclicity of nature and repair, reuse and recycle.

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We create with nature in mind

All our love and attention during the production process goes into nature and the conservation of our planet. More than 85% of the raw material we use comes from recycled plastic and this will increase every year.

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This is how you start your own vegetable garden

Have you wanted to start your own vegetable garden for years so you’ll be able to eat from your own garden next season, just like I (Floor) do from my own backyard? In this blog I’ll tell you how to s...


This is how you prepare your houseplants for autumn!

This blogpost is written by Rosalien from @Greeny_Lab Autumn’s about to start and days are getting shorter, darker and colder. This has a big impact on your indoor plants. Although they needed a lot ...

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Do you join us on this journey?

Start with vertical gardening

With vertical gardening you can use every precious inch of your garden or balcony for even more plants, no matter how big or small your space is.

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Trees in pots for small gardens

If you love trees, but you have a small garden, balcony or patio, then we have the right solution for you! Plant your trees in a pot and enjoy your very own mini-forest, no matter where you live.

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We create with nature in mind

Made out of recycled plastic

85% of our raw materials comes from waste. In total, 10 mln kilo waste is recycled yearly to make beautiful designer pots. And all our products are in turn recyclable.

Made with 100% wind energy

The production of our beautiful designer pots runs solely on renewable energy from our own windmill in our backyard.

Long-lasting quality

Our products are made to enjoy a lifetime thanks to long lastig colours, UV protection and frost resistance.