our newest collection greensense aqua care

Do you ever wonder if your plants are getting enough water, or are you afraid of over-watering them? Our greensense aqua care ensures that your plants always have the right amount of water.


How does it work?


The water meter will indicate when the water level is low. Then all you have to do is simply fill the water reservoir and you're ready to enjoy your favourite plants! This pot comes with a plug, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors – and the integrated wheels make it easy to move.


You can trust that this pot is created with nature in mind: it’s made from recycled plastic, produced with wind energy from our own windmill, and it’s also fully recyclable.

Water level indicator

The water meter tells you exactly when you need to add water, and your plant will automatically use the stored water when needed.

Easy to move

Thanks to the integrated wheels, the pot is easy to move wherever you’d like.

Indoor and outdoor use

The removable plug makes this pot suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Made with recycled materials

These high-quality pots are made of 100% recycled plastic.

Frost proof

This flowerpot can withstand cold weather and frost. It won't crack.

Long-lasting colour

Due to the UV-protection, this pot has a long-lasting colour