Urban gardening

Urban gardening brings colour to the ‘concrete jungle' City living has many advantages. There’s Always  something to do, entertainment and fun are literally just around the corner. Until recently, one of the few downsides of city life was the lack of greenery. However, thanks to the latest trend you can cross that off the list too! Urban gardening is a green trend which found its way to the Netherlands from the United States. You can bring nature into your home, even if you live on the fourth floor. Better believe the hype because the 'concrete jungle' is getting some colour!

Vertical gardening conquers the city

You’ve probably noticed it already. More and more cosy city balconies and roof terraces are turning green and give streets, neighbourhoods and cities a fresh look. Urban gardening can be done anywhere, no matter how small your outdoor space, without having the feeling that there isn't enough space for your morning tea or a glass of wine on a warm summer night in your own tiny city garden. What’s the secret? Vertical gardening. Smart, convenient and stylish flower pots and accessories can create a ‘city oasis’ in the most surprising places.

Urban gardening trend

Jump on the urban gardening trend

elho’s loft-collection fully complements the urban gardening trend. The young, urban look of the trendy wall baskets and hanging baskets, the flower bridges for balcony railings and the bowl to put on your patio table make your outdoor space your favourite spot to relax in. Moreover, the loft flower pots have a built-in water collector. The flower pot collects the extra water for those times when it’s a bit dryer. This way you will be able to enjoy those warm summer days, and so will your plants.

A permanently green outdoor life

The trachycarpus, gapanthus and phoenix are some of the popular plants used in urban gardening. These grasses maintain a fresh green colour year-round, so this mini-oasis will put a smile on your face even in winter. Having your own vegetable garden goes hand in hand with city gardening. Whether your balcony is in full sun (basil, lemon grass), partial sun (rosemary, thyme) or shaded (mint, chives), you can grow your own herbs and vegetables with the green basics grow your own collection. Seeding, growing and harvesting: it doesn't get any fresher! And without leaving the comfort of your home.