The plant is everywhere

Plants are not only decorative, they are also quite useful. Higher concentration, a good mood and pure air. It's clear: the plant is welcome anywhere! 

The plant is indispensable everywhere

An indoor plant has its own preferences. There are plants that enjoy direct sunlight while other species feel comfortable in a shaded environment. For every spot in the house, a suitable plant can be found. Naturally WITH accompanying advantages. Because plants are not only decorative, they are also quite useful. Pure air, higher concentration and a good mood; these are just a few of the green advantages. The plant is everywhere and we'll tell you why!

A guaranteed warm welcome

The plant gets is popular due to its versatility and 'hidden' pluses. And those advantages also apply to areas you don't really expect. Think, for example, about the bathroom, the WC, the hallway, on the ceiling or a hanging plant on top of a cupboard. Add green to surprising areas with the b.for soft air and improve the acoustics in areas with hard surfaces. Give yourself and your guests a guaranteed warm welcome. You'll notice it immediately; a plant is at home everywhere!

Bathing in nature

Before buying a plant, it is wise to know where you are going to place it. For places with little daylight, it is wise to choose a plant that doesn't need a lot of natural light. This way, you make sure that your beautiful plants are placed in the right place. Take, for example, the bathroom. Plant species such as the fern, Nephrolepis Adianthum, Asplenium, Spathiphyllum, Ficus Pumila, Chlorophythum and Carex feel right at home in a warm, moist environment. Choose smaller bathroom plants so you don't feel you're walking in the jungle but you can enjoy a lovely bath or shower in a green environment.

The green air freshener

What is better than a relaxing daydream in a lovely, fresh bedroom? Forgot to open your window for fresh air? No problem! Plants not only provide ambiance and oxygen but also take on the role of air freshener. Unhealthy air can, without us realising it, have nasty consequences. Think about headaches and sleeping problems. Those problems can be solved simply because the plant is indispensable everywhere even in the bedroom. The best choice for a good night's rest is an air purifying plant. Very healthy, atmospheric and calming!

The plant is valuable everywhere

Working from home has become increasingly popular. Surround yourself with plants because they increase your productivity. You are happy, your boss is satisfied and your environment benefits from your good mood! Plants not only purify the air, they also have a positive effect on your mood and concentration ability. Believe it or not: plants in your environment – especially when your are often behind the computer – increase and improve your performance! Choose a plant that purifies the air. Think about the Spathiphyllum, Aloe Vera, Lady Palm and Ficus Alii. A healthy working climate and a positive mood: bring on those deadlines!

Shade as spotlight

The plant is everywhere and that means that for every spot in the house, a bit of green can be found. It is, however, important to place the right plant in the right spot. Take your entry hall, for example. Not the best lit area of the house. A shade plant such as the Aspidistria, Spathiphyllum or Kentia couldn't care less. These slow-growing plants are not very demanding; they keep their colour even if you forget to water them. Isn't that a nice homecoming?