Sowing, growing & harvesting

Sowing, growing & harvesting: this is how you do it! Whether you are just starting out or have been passionately growing your own food for years, the 'green basics grow your own' collection has something for everyone. Sow your own basil, grow delicious tomatoes and harvest the most beautiful strawberries. Start growing indoors for strong sprouts and let them soak up all the lovely sunshine afterwards. All that goodness will be on your plate sooner than you think! Discover the grow your own collection! 


How do you start? Fill grow pots and/or propagator with sowing soil, sprinkle the seeds on it and lightly press the soil. Dampen the soil with a spray bottle. Why use a spray bottle and not a watering can? With a watering can you'll flush away the seeds which is, of course, not your intention. To show what you are growing, you can use convenient plant labels . Place the pots and/or propagator on a matching saucer and place the grow house over it. To ensure that it stays nice and moist in your grow house, close the ventilation panels. 


Time to move! By repotting the sprouts to a larger seed pot or grow table, you ensure a better growing environment. Carefully place the sprouts in the soil and water with a watering can. Now you can because you won't flush away the sprouts. Are you using a grow table? Then keep using your grow house. This way, the plants are extra protected. Alternate the ventilation panels between open and closed so your plants get fresh oxygen every now and then. 


Just a little longer and you'll be able to harvest your vegetables and pick your first fruit. Some plants still like to be placed in a larger pot. The largest grow pots and garden xxl are perfect for this purpose. Leave the plants to grow a bit more and discover your first vegetables and fruit. 

Ventilation panels

During sowing and growing, it is good for the sprouts and plants if you work with a grow house. They ensure a perfect climate, good temperature and it remains moist for a longer time. Every now and then, you may open the panels on the grow house for fresh oxygen. Do ensure that the soil stays damp.

Growth calender:

Download the growth calender.