Natural garden dividers: enjoying some peace and quiet

After months of short, dark and especially wet days, it won’t be long before we will be able to finally enjoy the beautiful spring weather again. Preferably in your own garden. Nevertheless, a cool spring breeze could throw a spanner in the works. Luckily we found the right solution for that. These handy and stylish natural garden dividers create a cosy and protected area of total relaxation in your own garden.

The perfect recipe for worry-free “chilling”

Of course you could opt for a solid fence, willow screens, green hedges or a bamboo fence. But to create a truly intimate atmosphere, plants should be part of your garden, balcony or patio. A cup of tea in the early spring sun, dining with friends until the wee hours, or just the two of you relaxing in a lounge area. Without being bothered by the breeze, nosy neighbours or overlooking a dilapidated structure. Natural dividers create a nice atmosphere, provide tranquillity and privacy; the perfect recipe for worry-free “chilling”.

Popular natural garden dividers

We are all familiar with the classic conifers, boxwoods and hydrangeas as handy natural garden dividers. Nowadays there is a growing demand for ornamental grasses such as fountain grass (Pennisetum Alopecuroides), Chinese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis) and bamboo (Fargesia). And rightly so. The soft rustle, the sun warming your skin... close your eyes and enjoy the great outdoors! Is the space of your garden or balcony limited? A small tree in a pot or planter immediately creates a nice atmosphere and offers protection. Popular trees for 2017 are, among others, olive trees (Olea Europaea), the butterflybushes (Buddleja (Buddleja Davidii) and willow-leaved pear trees (Pyrus Salicifolia).

An answer to everyone’s garden wishes

So many people, so many wishes. elho offers an extensive and varied range of natural garden dividers, to make every garden wish come true. The sleek design of the pure soft brick divider and pure soft brick long, available in different models, give your garden a timeless and modern feel. Moreover, the dividers are easily moved thanks to the handy easy-to-move wheels. Modern, but preferably with soft curves? Then the pure cone long is exactly what you are looking for. They can be perfectly combined with one another and are easy to move.


Green Basics XXL: growing or dividing

Get the most from a limited space with the green basics garden xxl. Not only can you grow your own plants and herbs, but the growing process creates a natural green divider at the same time. This spacious mini-garden is also a great solution for non-growers. The planter - with a 62 litre capacity -  can easily hold plants and small trees. Perfect for the garden or balcony. 

‘Green spots’ everywhere at all times!

ehlo designed the algarve terrace wheels to give your garden some subtle Southern European flair; distinctly recognisable by its timeless flower pattern. Thanks to its wheels, this planter is easily moved. No space for natural garden dividers on a small balcony or roof terrace in the city? Nonsense, of course. The spacious loft urban terrace wheels fits anywhere and can be easily moved to where you need your ‘green spot’to be thanks to its wheels.