How can I take cuttings from a Chinese money plant?

The Chinese money plant (Pilea Peperomioides) is just about everyone's favourite plant. We get it, because how cute are those round leaves? With a bit of luck (and a lot of love and care!) your plant can also produce baby plants, which are very easy to take cuttings from so that you have even more money plants. Here's how to do it.

How to take a cutting from a Chinese money plant:

When the baby plant is about 4 centimetres tall, detach the cutting from the mother plant. Dig it out and cut it as close to the mother plant as possible. Clean your cuttings and place them in a layer of water in a glass, or for example in an empty jam jar.

Make a Pilea family

Wait a few weeks until you see roots on the cutting. Place the plants in the soil in small plant pots, such as the vibes mini, brussels mini or b.for original mini. Nice to give as a gift, but you can also collect a whole Pilea family yourself. As soon as the plant grows bigger you can repot it in a larger plant pot and take cuttings from new plants. This way you create a whole Pilea plant corridor!

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