green at home

The trend you can't live without!...The colour green is vivid, a focal point and versatile. So it's no wonder that this colour is a trendsetting concept at the moment. Green at home; you can't go around it any more! Green furniture, green home decorations, green plants and even green walls: bring your interior to life with these fresh and varied trendy colours!

Nature, innovation and numerous advantages!

Green is not only the colour of nature but also of innovation. And what could be nicer than giving your interior a makeover every now and then? Green cannot be lacking in your home. Not only do plants provide just that little extra bit of cosiness, they are also good for your health. Plants provide a better humidity, purify the air, reduce stress and increase your creativity! Whether you're going for big with a fig plant, olive tree or banana plant or opt for a smaller one like the Araucaria or Livistona Rotundifolia; green makes you happy!

Bright colours for every interior

Do you want to spice things up? Then you can indulge in the green trend. With a bright green Sparrmannia africana, Zamioculcas zamiifolia or Clusia you know for sure that your indoor green sets the standard. Naturally, all this beauty deserves a suitable presentation. To do this, elho has the right products for you! Our design pots and planters create ambiance and fun in every interior. Brighten up your living room, bedroom or kitchen with plants and our design products. They're available in every shape and style.

Even more green at home: new colours

To make the most of the green in your home, we have added a variety of new green shades to our range. What do you think of the jade-green loft flowerpots or leaf-green grow pots from the green basics collection? For inside the home, we have the shimmering green of the brussels diamond round and the mint green of the brussels mini. In addition, the entire b.for soft collection in Scandinavian style is available in magical green and various timeless must-haves from the pure-collection are available in an intense lime-green colour!