Christmas tree out, big indoor plant in!

It always takes some getting used to. The bare, empty space in your living room where the Christmas tree stood in the cosy month of December. But why not use that spot to brighten your house with a new eye-catcher? A fresh start to the New Year, does that sound good? So: Christmas tree out, big indoor plant in! Hello 2018!

Create your own urban jungle

Anyone who wants more green in their life will feel their heart skip a beat. Namely, green is the trend for this year. Get to work! Choose a combination of a large indoor plants together with various smaller plants to create an urban jungle and don’t just bring that empty spot in the corner to life but also drape the walls with expressive hanging plants. Do you need inspiration? elho is happy to help you. On our inspiration page you can read everything about the latest trends for inside and outside.

What big green eye-catcher suits me?

Living rooms are getting increasingly greener with the popularity of large indoor plants. And that's no surprise. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a Zamioculcas (Emerald Palm), a powerhouse  indoor palm that you can easily move around with brussel round wheels. Then it's so easy to vacuum or rearrange your room. And what about the beautiful Beaucarnea (Elephant’s Foot)? For example, plant different palms or tropical plants together in b. for soft pots and create your own 'jungle'! Another absolutely tasteful trend is the Spathiphyllum, or Peace Lily. In the stylish milano this radiant centre point with its white flowers is at its best!

The best spot for popular large indoor plants

Indoor plants; they come in all varieties, sizes and types. From large palms, green indoor trees and plants with flowers to sun worshipers, water lovers and those that enjoy the shade. We present some of these popular green eye-catchers to you and tell you how to let them beautify your living room right away!

  • The Clusia has its origins in the Caribbean, so you can grow it in a sunny place without any problems but avoid direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the Clusia likes a lot of water.
  • The Golden Cane Palm likes the sun if it’s not too strong. During the growing season, ensure that the plant does not dry out and keep the temperature above 15°C. A large indoor plant, for a small price.
  • The Money Tree, we’ve all dreamed of that sometimes, right? In Asia, it is believed that the leaves of this maintenance-free plant can catch money. Combined with a designer pure round pot, this plant makes an ideal gift for a housewarming or birthday!
  • The Palm Lily likes the sun and requires little water. Put this special plant in a sunny spot in the beautifully designed brussels diamond round high and you'll enjoy it for ages!
  • With the Banana plant you really bring the tropics into your home. With its huge leaves, this eye-catcher requires the necessary water, sunlight and a robust setting. Together with the pure soft brick divider, it creates an excellent combination!
  • The Fiddle-leaf Fig Plant is famous for its large, distinctive leaves. It occasionally needs a splash of water, a temperature of at least 15-18 degrees C and a lot of light. That's what's required for this classic plant, which fits perfectly in a brussels round pot.